Happy New Year – 2016! – Arise, Shine!

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Happy New 2016 to all our brethren all over the world!

We celebrate the grace to see a new year despite the lows and highs of 2015. In all things we give thanks! We celebrate the prospects of attaining our goals in our walk in Christ, our careers and ministry in the new year. A year the weak will rise, the fallen finds the rock to stay, the weary finds new strength and the strengthened standing in Him. The creation is ever more ready for the manifestation of the sons of God. Let’s Arise, Shine despite it all.

We speak into the new year, may 2016 be one of strength, increased grace and favor. May we all rise, shine in all areas of our lives – at home, in ministry and in the marketplace.

Happy New Year!

Michael Araba – IVCUAF North America

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