IVCU Book Contribution Deadline Extended – Sept 19

The National IVCUAF Executive commissioned the IVCU History Publications Committee to put together a book with the history of IVCU as told by members from various graduating years. The committee is accepting write-ups from members on their reflections on IVCU and stories from their time in the student fellowship. The plan is to launch the book at the upcoming REUNION at Ibadan – November 23-25, 2012.

Please send your contributions to the IVCU History Publications Committee at this e-mail: ivcuhistory@ivcuaf.org. All correspondences should be sent to this e-mail address as well. Watch out for more information on our website and Facebook page.

The deadline for accepting contributions has been extended to September 19, 2012. Please take advantage of the time to get your contributions in.

Thanks and God Bless,

Bro. Tolu Mala
Chairman, IVCU History Book Committee
E-Mail: ivcuhistory@ivcuaf.org

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