IVCUAF North America Chapter Meeting

Join us this Saturday for our quarterly meeting (November 5, 2011).

Meeting is scheduled to start at 3PM EST. Plan to join 30 minutes early to get setup on your computer and telephone. Everyone from all over the world is invited to the web conference based meeting. We encourage everyone to register with IVCU Alumni Fellowship so you get the meeting invites.

Bro. Yemi Ayodele will be exhorting us during the meeting. Bro. Mike Oye a former IVCU president 65/66 and Bro. Friday Bekee also a former president would be there to meet with us.

Bro. Wale Adeniyi of The Seed Chest will be sharing briefly at the meeting as well. He was with us at the Baltimore Meet & Greet. A video of the full testimony will be made available online soon.

Meeting Details
Time: 3:00PM EST (New York Time)
Time is New York Time (EST) – Please join 30 minutes early to get setup.

Howto Join the Meeting
What you Need: A Computer with Internet Connection and A reliable Phone

What to do: Click on this link from your PC or copy and paste the URL into your browser – http://www.anymeeting.com/ivcuaf1

After registration and setup – you should see IVCU Logo or see the presenter.
Conference Call Number: (512) 400-4809 | Attendee Pin: 1203429

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