Meet & Greet in Baltimore, Maryland – Oct 29.2011

It was a great, refreshing and highly nostalgic time for us that Saturday afternoon when we got together just to re-unite after several years of leaving the great IVCU Fellowship. Over the years, many things had happened, things like marriages, raising families, relocation abroad and of course getting more matured ( not aging), some now have few grey hairs but the cord that binds us together remain as strong as ever. No matter the year you graduated, you always belong as long as you went through the one and only IVCU which to us was a wonderful preparatory ground for life in the wild wide world.

The atmosphere was that of fun and fond memories of years we spent on campus, everyone had a story to tell and lessons learnt were recounted and the relevance of such lessons to our various present callings now becoming obvious. We had in attendance brethren from Maryland and New Jersey and we hope to have better representation at subsequent meetings.

The issue of giving back to our great fellowship was discussed and we were so much challenged by the brethren from Seed Chest. The seed Chest is made up of brethren who have been burdened by the Lord to help Christian Fellowships back home and guess what, they chose our own IVCU as the starting point.

The meeting was rounded off with sumptuous dinner just like those Love Feasts we used to have back then.

It is a privilege to belong to the great IVCU alumni and we hope other members out there will endeavor to join hands with us, so we can spread the fun to everyone.

Bro. Dave Ariyibi – Maryland, U.S.A

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