Meet & Greet in the “City of many trails”

The city of Calgary witnessed the coming together of members of the IVCUAF on Saturday 19th May on the premises of the First Assembly Church in Calgary, Alberta.
It turned out to be a mini-reunion of sorts as some brethren who had parted ways many years ago were united to share fellowship and visit with one another.

Present were, Femi Farinu, Jimmy Abodunwa, Ayotunde Aina, Dupe Greg-Alabi, Yewande Ayoade (and husband Daniel Ayoade), Biodun Adeniran, Segun Bamijoko. Mike Araba and Adeoye Adegorite also came in from Cleveland, Ohio and Brampton, Ontario respectively.
It was a warm and friendly atmosphere where everyone spoke of the glorious times and experiences at IVCU as well as how their various journeys had progressed since then.

Bro Michael Araba shared the vision of the IVCUAF for North America and created awareness on upcoming activities and encouraged attendees to be aware that there were other little IVCUAF cells springing up all over the North American continent, drawing parallels to the story of Elijah in 1 kings 18:22 urging everyone not to believe like Elijah did, that they were the only ones left wherever they found themselves on the North American Continent. He emphasized that God’s purpose was being fulfilled through this slow but vibrant movement that was being formed.
The meeting rounded up with photographs, refreshments and much “fellowship after fellowship”.

Bro. Biodun Adeniran – Calgary, Alberta – Canada

One thought on “Meet & Greet in the “City of many trails””

  1. It was my first visit to Calgary, Alberta. I thank Bro. Abiodun Adeniran, Bro. Segun Bamijoko and Bro. Adeoye Adegorite for organizing the first IVCUAF North America in Calgary. The Lord is helping us shape the future of the forum through these meetings.

    As we see the day approaching – we are called to encourage one another to keep the vision deposited into us during the time in IVCU. These meetings helps us to reconnect with others that drank from the same stream. As we fellowship after fellowship after our days in UI we encourage ourselves to keep the faith. What a day to meet a few I saw last almost 2 decades ago. It is encouraging to see all still in the professing Jesus is Lord!

    We look forward to future meetings in Calgary. May what the Lord started abide by the working of His Spirit in us and through us in Jesus Name. Pray for IVCUAF National Fellowship that we continue to grow in strength, might with grace to fulfill the vision for which it has been established. – Michael A.

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