2020 REUNION Conference North America

IVCU Alumni Fellowship

July 2 – 5


Come attend fellowship after fellowship, reunite with other brethren in diaspora. It promises to be a great time to reconnect, refresh and recharge as it was in the days at the chapel. Come with your family as this would be a great summer event the family would enjoy. Pray and Plan to Attend!

To the Lord be the glory for great things He has done!

We spread the word to the cardinal points of North America, meeting our brethren where the Lord made room for them. We fellowship in small groups in cities and homes. We use technology to close the gap created by the geography of our new home, North America. Praise God!

It is time to fellowship as one chapter in Cleveland, Ohio USA. The REUNION will be taking place on July 2 to July 5, 2020. We invite all our brethren in diaspora and guests from Nigeria to the 2020 REUNION North America. The theme for the event is “Occupy Till I Come ...”. We will also be hosting seminars from seasoned men and women.

Keeping the Vision Fund

Join our group individuals committed to supporting our mission with a minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars annually.

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