REUNION 2016: I Must Attend!

REUNION ’90 was the first one I took part in. God is faithful. 2016 is another REUNION year here in North America and in Nigeria. The fellowship has come a long way. May the Lord continue to grant counsel and wisdom to build the Alumni Fellowship. The fellowship creates a forum to sharpen one another like we did in the past, reminding ourselves that despite how much our lives have changed or increased, what was important then is still important now. Keeping the vision. Are we still a light in this dark world? We need to continue to rise when or from where we fall, and stand when we stand. The world is still waiting… The picture was a drama about redeeming the time. Imagine, that picture is 25 years old.

Let’s plan to attend the upcoming the REUNION events. It is an opportunity to sharpen ourselves. Set aside the time, come and be blessed with teachings in season not colored by the complicated realities of our time but with the purpose we are called into.

REUNION USA, Cleveland, Ohio – June 30, July 3 – Arise, Shine!
REUNION Ibadan, University of Ibadan – University of Ibadan – Nov 18-20, 2016

It is well,

Michael Araba
IVCUAF North America

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