We are together Again! – Maryland (2012)

It was another wonderful and nostalgic day last Saturday May 5, 2012 when we had the IVCUAF Meet & Greet in Hyattsville MD at the New Covenant Church under the leadership of Pastor Bunmi Ogunsan. Members in attendance included the Ariyibis (Bro. Dave, Sis. Dayo and Adedamola), Pastor Bunmi Ogunsan the host, Sis. Yomi Bakare, Pastor Aikulola, Bro. Mike Araba and Bro Gabriel Olofinsawo. We had a good time of recounting our several experiences while on campus and sharing what the fellowship actually mean to us.
Members also shared the relevance of the Alumni Fellowship to every member in the Diaspora. Bro Mike the National Coordinator gave a run-down of events and plan for the year. We all left the meeting with renewed interest and desire to spread the word around to others who are yet to come on board.

Several events have been planned for the year 2012, just check the fellowship website and get informed.

The Lord bless you.

Dave Ariyibi

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