Years in U.I. and IVCU

I was in IVCU between 1992-1997 and Oh!! Those I would say were wonderful days in my life.

Being a single sister then, I had more time for the things of the Lord. I grew up in Foursquare Gospel church in Surulere, Lagos and so when it was time to leave Lagos and go to further my education in Ibadan, I asked my sister which fellowship she thought had the same doctrines with those of Foursquare churches and she mentioned SCM and IVCU.

On getting into U.I, I attended the IVCU fellowship only once and decided to stick with them. I was so blessed that day and I made up my mind to be a part of it. I waited for a while though before I joined the IVCU choir. I wanted to be very sure of where the Lord wanted me to be. After about three months of been a part of the fellowship, I joined the choir but I was on probation for some months again. I underwent an interview before joining and after some months, I was accepted finally into the choir. During this process of waiting, I learned patience and endurance. After I joined, I saw that the idea that most people have about choir members of being lukewarm about God was so wrong. We used to go for retreats and fast sometimes for nothing less than 3 days dry. We also studied the word of God so much. I particularly remember the times when Bro Wole Ariyo and Bro Gabriel were our leaders. They were on fire for God and their zeal really rubbed off on me.

I learned to also always wait on the lord to hear from Him concerning personal things in my life. The fellowship in general also taught me a lot. There were many seasoned ministers of God that were invited on both Wednesdays and some Sundays and they used to bless me. I also remember my lecturer Dr.Farombi being invited to preach to us once. He really blessed my heart and also learned from his ministration never to be complacent about the things of God. Most of the invited ministers had great zeal for the Lord and I grabbed a lot from them too.

IVCU was also a place where I made lots of friends that I am still in touch with till today. Some of them are Sis Lolade Babalola (nee Adebanji), Lade Olomola (nee Oke), Price Ikenna Nsofor, Kola Ajayi and so many others that time and space will not permit me to. God bless the founders of IVCU because they have really been used to instill a tenacious belief of God in me.

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